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Roots and Wings Distillery


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Roots and Wings Distillery
January 27, 2017 | Roots and Wings Distillery

Roadblocks, setbacks, callback’s, and other hurdles


 Roadblocks, setbacks, callback’s, and other hurdles are there to educate you or to make you crazy. Most of the above mentioned are inflicted from those of us that do not dream big enough to change their miserable circumstances so they need to share their wealth of wrath on anyone they can.

 The joys of thinking outside the box; just because it hasn’t been done before does not me that it cannot be done. These are words I live by and thus I don’t take no for an answer very easily. Stubbornness some may call it; I prefer determination. My determination is only outdone by my partner Rob who is a combo of determination and motivation on steroids. I think secretly he thrives on Roadblocks, setbacks, callback’s, and other hurdles; so when he overcomes them he can bask in the glory of the win.

 So, next time you come across these inflectors of wrath take a queue Rob and go for the win, find your way around the NO and make your big beautiful dreams a reality. Trust me the moment of glory is well worth it.

 While you’re plotting your way to Yes; Vital Vodka is always a good choice to liberate the brain muscles and clear out the plaque.