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Roots and Wings Distillery

Roots and Wings Distillery
March 3, 2020 | Cocktails, Contest | Roots and Wings Distillery

March Special: Get Ready For 007’s New Movie


The name’s Bond, James Bond and he’s coming back! The long-awaited return of 007’s newest movie – No Time to Die - was due for release in April, but now reschedule to November. Regardless, we're excited about the movie! So, in the run-up to its release, the Drinkery is getting into the spy-film spirit in March with 4 special cocktails befitting of Bond. Plus, we’re giving away a Cineplex Gift Card ($50) to view the movie and a bottle of Vital Vodka (375 ml) to shake up some martinis. Enter at the distillery for a chance to win.

There’s much anticipation for the 25th installment of the James Bond series as five years have passed since Spectre, and this will be Daniel Craigs last time playing the suave secret service agent. In honour of James’ love of cocktails, and ‘for your eyes only’, these are our four special drinks in our 'Month of Bond Menu' :

At the start of No Time to Die, James has retired from her Majesty’s service and living it up in Jamaica.   Made with Vital Vodka, pineapple juice, Kalmansi lime and squid ink, our Octipussy cocktail is the right balance of tropical and chill for any superspy turned man-of-leisure.

There are few things more synonymous with a dashing Bond than ‘A martini. Shaken, not stirred.’ The Original cocktail celebrates the iconic, classic martini and is made with our Vital Vodka and Jackknife Gin shaken with Lillet Blanc. It’s the perfect drink to give you some 007 swagger and to launch Bond into action, this time to rescue a kidnapped scientist.

For the evocative Bond girls, we have a drink that packs an elegant punch. The Goldfinger is created with our newest spirit Encore Gin balanced nicely with honey, lemon, coconut water and smoked salt.

The movie is positioned as Bond’s most difficult mission to date. There’s a mysterious enemy and dangerous new technology.  As a nod to the sweet villains, our Oddjob (the main henchman in the Goldfinger movie) cocktail shows off our Johnny Handsome spirit mixed with root beer syrup, club soda, and bourbon cherry ice cream.

So, there you have it - from Roots & Wings Distillery with love - 4 special Bond-inspired cocktails that you must try at the Drinkery this March in anticipation of No Time To Die.  And, enter our in-house draw for a chance to win a $50 Cineplex Gift Card and a 375 ml bottle of Vital Vodka.  We’re open Friday 2 to 7, Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 5 pm. No tux required.


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