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Roots and Wings Distillery

Roots and Wings Distillery
August 15, 2019 | Roots and Wings Distillery

Flip Top Friday - Cocktail Class Aug 23

Get crafty making flip top drinks in our newest cocktail class! Join us at the Roots and Wings Distillery on August 23, 6 pm for Flip Top Friday where we will create four DIY tasty craft cocktails for you to take home in 750ml flip top resealable bottles! They are ready to drink cocktails - simply chill, pop and pour.  Enjoy these fantastic and convenient beverages at your next BBQ, beach picnic or baseball game and impress your friends with your new crafty skills!

Ready-To-Drink (RTD) cocktails are saturating the market these days. These are the ready to go vodka sodas and highballs in a can or bottle! Sure, they are quick and convenient, but they aren’t always the best quality and they don’t allow you to support your local craft distilleries. With the liquor laws being what they are, we unfortunately cannot sell you a can cocktail, but we can teach you how to make your own craft cocktail - even better!

At the Flip Top Friday cocktail class you will sample a variety of cocktails available for making, then craft your select favourites.  All cocktails will be made with our artisan spirits, along with other quality ingredients.  So, not only will you make and keep your RTD cocktails but you will also get the recipe and expertise to craft them up again and again, whenever your want.

Examples of our refreshing flavour options include: Lavender Mule, Pineapple Habanero Caesar, Peachy Keen Iced tea, Gin-Ya-Rita, Bee’s Knees, Lemon Vodka Doda, All Hopped Up... and any creative ideas you may have.

Get your cocktail inspiration on and take part in our latest distillery class!
Cost: $75 per person
Address: 7897 - 240th Street near Fort Langley

Sign up for the class by emailing


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