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Roots and Wings Distillery

Personalized Whiskey Cask Membership

Club Program

There are a host of reasons why whiskey is so good. From the first aromatic sniff to the moment you taste it, it’s something special. So loved is this drink that it was known in Gaelic as Uisge Beatha, which translates to “water of life.” Over time, this changed phonetically and became “usky,” then later “whiskey.”


A variety of surprising discoveries have been made about whiskey, from the presence of antioxidants that may reduce the risk of heart disease to its ability to reduce the risk of dementia. There are even early indications that it might help prevent cancer. All of this on top of what is already known of its ability to aid digestion, relieve stress, or ease cold and flu symptoms in a hot toddy. Truly, whiskey is a great drink, but what can make a great drink better?


Having an entire, personalized cask of it!


Available exclusively to our Cask Club members, we proudly offer you the opportunity to own a 20-litre barrel of your own, personal whiskey. Whether shared with guests while entertaining or enjoyed by yourself after long days at work, this 70% ALC rye corn blend will be the highlight of your evening, or any other time of day.


Your personal cask will be aged for 3 years, bonded, and insured for that entire time. We know it can be hard to wait, so during that time, we will invite you for annual tastings, giving you a preview of what awaits you when the aging is done.

Once we reach the 3-year mark, we’ll have about 6 months to get it bottled and labelled. Our blending and proofing experience ensure that you receive the finest whiskey possible with multiple layers of flavour. Just one sip will remind you why playwright George Bernard Shaw was quoted as saying “whiskey is liquid sunshine.”


Your personalized whiskey cask will provide you with approximately 20 to 24 bottles of 750 ml, though you may also choose to receive them as 357 ml, if that’s your preference. And since this is your whiskey from your own personalized cask, you will have input on the label design.


When you join our Cask Club, we take you on this 3-year journey for only $1400, and that includes everything listed above and all taxes and deposit. Once your bottles are full and the cask is drained, you have the option to purchase it. And what is the best thing to do with an empty cask? Refill it at a discount, of course!


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Join our Cask Club today! Sign ups must be completed by June 30, 2021. Barrelling will occur on September 12, 2021.