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Roots and Wings Distillery


Cocktail Menu

The Handsome – 1.5 oz $15

Johnny Handsome, Grapefruit Juice, maple syrup, Lime leaf Bitters, Foamer

Gin Gimlet – 2 oz $14

Inspired Gin, Lime Cordial, Cucumber Bitters

Tuesday – 2 oz $13

IPA Beer, jackknife Gin, Grapefruit Juice, Grapefruit Tarragon cordial, lime leaf bitters

Re-Joyce Pickle-tni – 1.5 oz $12

Dill Pickled Vodka, Pickle Brine, Cucumber black pepper shrub

Olitais Spritzer – 2 oz  $13

Olitais, club soda, strawberry Rhubarb cordial, cucumber bitters

Langley Sour 2 oz - $14

Johnny Handsome Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Demerara sage simple syrup, chaberton red wine

The Nooner – 2oz - $14

Double Vice Coffee Vodka, Amaretto, chocolate bitters, vegan foamer

Glass of Sunshine – 2 oz - $13

Cascade Vodka, Honey cider, Pineapple Bitters, lime juice, Lime Cordial




The Classics

Sazarac 2oz - $12

Johnny Handsome, Apotheosis Absinthe

Absinthe Fountain – 1 oz - $12

Old Fashioned – 2oz - $14

Gin and Tonic – 1oz - $8

Caesar 1 oz - $11

Godfather – 2oz - $14

Johnny Handsome, Amaretto

Beer du Jour 16 oz  - $7

Fraser Valley Cider 8oz  - $8

Chaberton House Red 9 oz $9


Cocktail Flight of 4 – 2 oz - $20

Weller’s Lemonade

Weller’s Blueberry Patch Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Tonic bitters, Lavender Lemonade

Just Peachy

Peachy keen vodka, Rose Cardamom syrup, Still water

Bees Knees Brew

Old Dame Gin, lemon Juice, honey, IPA Beer, salt

Hello Sweet-tart

Cascade Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Lime cordial



Roots and Wings Distillery Tasting Flight options. $10 plus Tax

Select 6 samples

Vital Vodka 40%ABV – Potato and Corn based Vodka- Finishes Sweet –
Double Vice Coffee Infused Vodka – 40% ABV Whole Roasted coffee beans infused in Vodka –  no Sugar added.
Truffle Mushroom Infused Vodka – 40%ABV  Earthy Notes – great paired with Honey, pear and lemon juice.
Peachy Keen Vodka –40% ABV -Peach Rooibos Tea infused Vodka –  no sugar added – best mixed with water and ice
Dill Pickled Vodka – 40%ABV heavy on the garlic with a sweet finish great for Caesars or Pickle- tini’s
Renegade Horseradish Infused Vodka – 40% ABV - smells like radishes but finishes with a slight bite – great in Dirty martinis and Caesars of course!
Cascade –40%ABV- Hops and Honey Infused Vodka – great with pineapple juice!
Rootsbeer Vodka – 30% ABV Vital Vodka infused with sarsaparilla and other botanicals to make this sipper a sweet treat
Five Pepper Vodka – 40% ABV Some like it HOTT! Is that’s you? Then give this a shot!
Inspired Gin – 40% ABV – This gin will bring the distinct flavour of lime leaf to your favorite gin cocktail
Jackknife Gin – 40% ABV – Cucumber Citrus forward. Stands up well in cocktails
Encore Gin – 40% ABV – White Tea, Rose, and Peony – more floral and goes nicely with tonic.
Old Dame Gin – 35% ABV - -  This is our aged gin that has been barrel finished for 6 months in red wine barrels.
Award Winning Gin – 40% ABV- We have high expectations for this one. With a base of Green Peas, potato and corn this earthy gin is made for a dirty martini or a gin Caesar


Negroni – 25% ABV – Barrel Aged for 4 months this is your classic cocktail with, Gin, Bitters, and Vermouth. 
Auracinsis – 30% ABV – Premixed Cosmo in a bottle – Cranberry orange and lime
Old Fashioned Spirit – 40 % ABV - barrel aged for 6 weeks with Demerara sugar and Angostura bitters this is an old fashioned in a bottle.


Rebel Young Whiskey – 40% ABV - Pure corn spirit Aged for 1 month in charred oak with honey and sweet orange.
Johnny Handsome – 50% ABV – Pure corn spirit aged for 2 years in new charred oak – this is our version of bourbon

Sidekick cinnamon Whiskey – 40% ABV our young whiskey aged for an additional 2 months with cinnamon and honey


Apotheosis Absinthe – 72% ALC – If you are a fan of black licorice, you’ll love this! This Absinthe is made with wormwood, fennel, star anise and licorice root.
Olitais – 28% ABV – Red Italian style Bitter – like a Campari or Aperol
Ploughman’s Elixir –45% ABV Distilled beer aged with botanicals and wood – 
Wellers’ Blueberry Liqueur – 35% ABV our first liqueur made with our own blueberries!



Food Options

All food offered here at the tasting room is in partnership with local chefs listed below the item


Focaccia Bread with Oil and Vinegar $10

From La Focacceria

Spinach Dip with House Made Crackers $15

 from Raving Gamer

Charcuterie Box $18 (GF)

From Chef Adrian Beaty

(Box of Crackers $4.50)

Bag of Caramelized Popcorn, with bacon, Hazelnuts, and apples $7

From Chef Adrian Beaty

Hummus and Crackers (GF option available) $10

From the Raving Gamer

Caramelized Onion Tart $8

(Topped with Smit and Cow Truffle Cheese, Drizzled with MacInnes Farms Hone Gastrique, and baked in a puff pastry crust)

From Chef Adrian Beaty

Meatless Chocolate Pate with Johnny Handsome Bourbon Caramel sauce $9 (GF)

From Chef Adrian Beaty